Online education has existed for decades, so when the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) was searching for an opportunity to serve adult learners and non-traditional students with classes that offer the same quality programs taught on campus, delivering courses in a flexible, affordable online format was the obvious choice. Hence, the creation of the UNC Extended Campuses. The UNC Loveland Center at Centerra primarily offers online programs taught by faculty from UNC’s main campus. 87% of the programs offered at the UNC Loveland Center are delivered online, but the center also offers a hybrid option which includes online classes with face-to-face courses taught at the Centerra location.

Centerra offered the perfect location for UNC’s Loveland Center because of its authentic community-based vibe that it offers to local residents and beyond. The UNC Loveland Center has a very comfortable, down-to-earth appeal, paired with picturesque views. Students especially love that it’s connected and centered around all the qualities that residents of Colorado love most about the state. Centerra has open spaces, views of mountains, and UNC is adjacent to a wonderful trail system which makes this the ideal place for UNC to operate a Loveland Center.

UNC Extended Campus currently serves over 3,200 adult learners and is a division of the main university located in Greeley, Colorado. UNC’s extended campuses are located in Loveland, Denver and Colorado Springs, but all share the same mission of serving adult learners. Adult learners are defined as adults between the ages of 25-54 who are looking for a non-traditional educational pathway to lead them to their lifelong educational goals, whether it be a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a Ph.D. and beyond. The main goal that many adult learners have is to change their current career path, which is why the curriculum is fast-paced and can be completed in as few as five semesters but also is easy to manage in tandem with a full-time job.

The Loveland Center itself has approximately 17 team members, who help support the other three centers. Each center has a different niche target market, but all focus on serving adult learners.

The experience many students find at the Loveland Center is far from your typical college experience, in a good way! The distinguishing characteristics of this college education experience is the fact that students can graduate with a degree in much less time than a typical four-year (8 semester) college degree. In addition, the extended campuses offer a unique tuition structure; they offer flat tuition per credit which is the same for in-state and out of state students. Because the programs are offered online, the tuition costs do not include typical on-campus fees like room and board, meal plans, etc. helping to make the programs more affordable.

UNC Faculty and the Loveland Center staff appreciate the opportunity to bring higher education to everyone in the Centerra community. The UNC Loveland Center offers lifelong learning opportunities to people who would not otherwise be able to accomplish that.

With the 2019 school year just around the corner, the Loveland Center and UNC’s main campus are gearing up for another exciting year. The main campus in Greeley just got a new president and is preparing to welcome a slew of new students on their campus. The Loveland Center is looking forward to building relationships with the local businesses and organizations in the Centerra community. In the upcoming year, the center will also work to develop new executive programs. They hope the relationships they develop with the Centerra business community will contribute to the positive impact on student learning. These relationships would be focused on industries including health care, education, technology and environmental sciences to enhance students’ workplace related skills. The goal is that these programs will help adult learners achieve their career goals by enhancing skills they bring to the workplace in community businesses throughout Northern Colorado.

The Loveland Center offers more than education to adult-learners, it also acts as a space for local organizations and businesses to gather for retreats, meetings and conferences. In the past, many local Centerra businesses have hosted retreats there due to the plethora of amenities. The center offers beautiful views of the surrounding Centerra community, technology for organizations to use during meetings and access to the local wildlife and lakes. Their best offering is the opportunity for local organizations to meet off-site and grow as a team. If you’re interested in booking their classrooms for an upcoming event or conference please email the Loveland Center for more information.

Learn more about UNC’s Extended Campus opportunities here.

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