Acres of open space and wetlands

PLUS students at High Plains School

Employees work at Centerra

Businesses call Centerra home

Live: Find Your Home

Centerra is the region’s favorite place for dining, shopping and entertainment. But it’s also home to, well, homes. In fact, some of the most beautifully situated new homes in all of Northern Colorado.

Say hello to The Lakes, where you’ll find a variety of distinctive new homes in a neighborhood with (surprise, surprise) two big lakes. A meandering trail network. Places to swim and hang out with friends. An excellent neighborhood school. And the gardens, orchards and activities of the one-of-a-kind High Plains Environmental Center.

Fabulous flats. There are lots of ways to live in Centerra, including condominiums and apartments that bring you close to the shops, eateries, art and entertainment of this bustling regional hub.

Work: Find Opportunity

Centerra is a community of thoughtful ─ and profitable ─ businesses that value their employees and understand the fundamental characteristics that make a location exceptional.

And if Centerra is your home, you just might find a career here. With over 150 businesses, stores and eateries employing nearly 8,000 employees – including two of Larimer County’s largest employers – making a life and a living at Centerra is completely workable!

Plus, you’ll find an additional 275,000 jobs that are a 28-minute-or-less drive away.

Explore: Find Fun and Friends

Whether you’re young or old, live or work at Centerra, our cultural events, athletic activities and social opportunities will get you out and about, as will the beautiful natural environment that surrounds you.

Discover: Find Nature

Centerra is built on the intelligent stewardship of the environment. Here, nature is as much a part of what makes life exceptional as is the community of people.

High plains, wildlife, wetlands, Houts Reservoir and Equalizer Lake make up 275 acres of untouched nature within Centerra’s boundaries. And High Plains Environmental Center is there protecting the habitat and teaching you and your family about the plants and animals that live here.

About Centerra

Centerra is fortunate to be nestled within the remarkable Loveland/Fort Collins area that, over and over again, has been named one of the best places in the country for everyone from young families to retirees as well as for its vibrant economy that sustains businesses and job growth.

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