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A new side to Centerra

We’re McWhinney, creators of Centerra in Loveland, Colorado. And here at this key crossroads of I-25 and Highway 34, we’re bringing something new to the party. We’re turning up the town spirit. With new ideas and interesting new mashups. Culture and nature. Workplaces and parkspaces. Good food and good music. Craft brews and finely crafted homes. Artists and makers of all kinds. With a place that celebrates a new kind of togetherness. Connected and creative and still Certified Wild*.

Welcome to Centerra, remixed and reimagined.

*Certified by the National Wildlife Federation as Colorado’s only Community Wildlife Habitat.

The hub of the region

Northern Colorado is shining,
and so is Centerra

Up here, the mountains stand a little taller, nature comes a little closer and the attitude is a bit more relaxed. This is a land of farmers, inventors, sculptors and scientists. Great universities and (perhaps coincidentally) great beer. And this is drawing people and businesses who are looking for something different. Something real. Northern Colorado is coming into its own. And Centerra is right in the middle of it.

Map of Centerra's location in relation to I-25

The Latest

In-N-Out now open

In-N-Out now open at Centerra

Ring the dinner bell. In-N-Out Burger is now open in the Marketplace at Centerra. You might be wondering why it took so long. The answer is: freshness. In-N-Out never freezes anything. So before they can open a new location, they must make sure they can supply their uber-fresh ingredients to that location. You might also be wondering if the grand opening has created a lot of traffic. The answer is: yes. But fortunately, the City of Loveland and the Colorado Department of Transportation have a plan to keep things running smoothly.
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The many flavors of home

A variety of homes for all stages of life

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Find your neighborhood

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Just beyond your front door: trails, nature, a neighborhood school and two big lakes.


Explore the Lakes
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An artful, connected notion of life and the area’s top-selling new community.


Discover Kinston
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In Centerra all kinds of things are coming together to create a place that’s more colorful, flavorful, helpful, healthful and just plain wonderful.
A woman in a polka dot dress is enjoying a cup of coffee while shopping in Northern Colorado.

What’s happening

vegetables from the garden

HPEC Presents: Cool Season & Vegetable Gardening Class 02.29.24

This is the HPEC’s first class of the season for vegetable gardeners. Master gardener, Micaela Truslove, will tell you what crops are best for cool […]

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bee on plant

HPEC Presents: Sustainable Landscape Design Class at Kinston Hub 03.07.24

For many years the HPEC has worked closely with Jason Oldham, a landscape architect based in Loveland, Colorado. Jason’s designs are driven by the same […]

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Made for business

With a location that makes business easier and a vibe that makes employees happier, Centerra is already the workplace of 8,500 employees and home to over 150 companies.
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