Colorful illustration of various shapes, plants, and leaves
Colorful illustration of various shapes, plants, and leaves


Made to last, made to love

There’s a misguided notion about sustainability, that it’s all about sacrifice. In fact, sustainability is just the opposite. At Centerra, our definition of a resilient community is a place designed to give you more every day and for years to come. More destinations — restaurants, parks and so forth — to walk to. More nature to explore. More community celebrations to enjoy. More reasons to come together and get to know one another. More jobs and greater prosperity. More beauty around every corner. And sustainability, true resilience, means we can have all that and still be smarter and more efficient in our use of natural resources.

Design excellence

Design and innovation is where sustainability begins and ends. In Centerra, design takes the form of new mashups, an ever-more-interesting mix of things. Offices and nature. Homes and sculpture gardens. Lakes and a transit hub. Places to eat and shop and lie back in the grass listening to live music. Each destination walkably or bikeably close to the others. And of course, innovative design isn’t just about what’s here. It’s about how it all comes together. How home architecture and native plantings and the meandering curves of a trail lift the moments of your day. Sustainability is about making things last. Including beauty.

Collage of a image of a home and an image of a man sitting outside with a glass of wine

Certified wild
and water-smart

You may have noticed by now that one organization is behind many of Centerra’s biggest, most difference-making ideas: High Plains Environmental Center. Centerra, in collaboration with HPEC and the Centerra Metropolitan District, has established the Water Conservation and Sustainability Initiative to encourage water-saving practices throughout the region and provide a roadmap that can help like-minded developers with their own sustainable operations. Within Centerra itself, we’ve put in place design guidelines that require landscaping be regionally appropriate, including native plants adapted to Colorado’s climate and altitude. The HPEC Nursery even provides much of the native plant material you see in Centerra. All of which adds up to a wildly beautiful and beautifully unthirsty place.

Close up image of a lavender bush