Image of woman walking with illustrated polka dots around her
Image of woman walking with illustrated polka dots around her


In the Centerra of it all

Northern Colorado (or NoCo, as some like to call it) is like no place else. Agrarian and academic. Simple yet sophisticated. Right-sized towns sitting at the feet of great big mountains. No wonder it has become one of Colorado’s fastest-growing places. A destination for companies large and small. City folk and country folk. Culture-seekers and nature-lovers of all stripes. And here, smack dab in the middle of this remarkable region, lies Centerra. Less than 12 minutes from Fort Collins. Less than an hour from Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver and its international airport. A world-class place with a small-town face.

Centerra-Loveland Station Mobility Hub

An artist's rendering of the entrance to a new shopping center in Northern Colorado.

Your ride is almost here

Colorado’s very first mobility hub is coming to Centerra. Well, technically speaking it’s coming to the median off I-25, which bisects Centerra. And no matter which side of Centerra you live on, you’ll have a trail connection to the station, which will let you catch a rapid-transit bus to Denver and other points up and down the northern Front Range. Planned to open 2024.