Image of family and dog wit illustrations of shapes around them
Image of family and dog wit illustrations of shapes around them

Big Picture

At the center of a regional renaissance

Northern Colorado is evolving. Discovering new avenues of prosperity and new facets of its own character and culture. And Centerra is at the heart of this revival.

We’re McWhinney. And having cultivated this place over the past two decades, we’re now infusing it with a lot of fresh ideas. We’re trying new things. Creating new experiences. Whipping up a new recipe for community, inspired by the values, character and robust spirit of Northern Colorado. Making Centerra a more walkable, diverse and delightful mix of commerce, culture, nature and home.


Illustration of white hashmarks on orange background
3,000 total acres
White illustration of tree with blue background
300 acres of parks
& nature
Illustration of white bike on pink background
10+ miles of trails
(and growing)
illustration of water with a light blue background
2 lakes
Illustration of home over a yellow background
3,000+ homes today
Red circle with "wow" handwritten in white
150+ companies
Image of measuring triangle with grey background
4.7 million S.F. existing

Certified Wild

Nature is good for us. The changing of the seasons. The purple prairie clover that looks so delicate but is actually so tough. The deep-rooted cottonwoods and industrious bees — they all hold important lessons for life. Which is why nature is part of the DNA of Centerra. In fact, one of the first steps we took in the creation of Centerra was to establish the High Plains Environmental Center. It’s an organization devoted to the idea that a healthy community is one that lives in harmony with nature. And thanks to the efforts of the HPEC, Centerra has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as Colorado’s only Community Wildlife Habitat. So get out there. And get inspired.

Image of couple gardening

Culture and community life

Loveland, the hometown of Centerra, has its roots in agriculture. It’s a place that honors the land. Yet it also has a longstanding love affair with the arts. So it was only natural for Centerra to embody this intersection of Colorado landscape and local art. Mountains and music. Nature and sculpture. All wrapped up in a community spirit that invites everyone to come together and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Two pictures of a park with a food truck serving delicious dining options.

Resilient by design

A resilient community doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a bold vision and a dedication to thoughtfully designing (or if needed, redesigning) each element of the community. At Centerra, we’ve heightened our commitment to design. To making sure that everything about this place is as intelligent, efficient, sustainable, beautiful and healthful as it can be.

Image of bridge over a pond

For the love of Loveland

Centerra has become one of Northern Colorado’s favorite places to shop, grab dinner, go to a movie or find a new home. But why did it reserve so many acres of natural open space? Why does it have an entire park devoted to outdoor sculpture? Why does it host events that are open to everyone, not just Centerra residents? Centerra doesn’t behave like the typical new community because it was designed to fulfill a wider vision. Specifically, to help accommodate the growth coming to Northern Colorado while allowing Loveland to retain its unique Colorado small-town character.

Brought to you by McWhinney

We create innovative places. Friendly, welcoming places that bring people together with a vibrant sensibility and an artful touch. When we began work on Centerra over two decades ago, we knew the location and the land were special because this land has been in the McWhinney family for generations. And over the years, as Centerra has grown, so have we. Helping to revitalize Denver’s iconic Union Station, creating the Dairy Block in LoDo and launching Baseline in Broomfield, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve strengthened the pillars that guide our company: design and architecture; sustainability; arts and culture; community engagement; innovation. And with the new districts and villages emerging in Centerra, you could say we’re bringing all those lessons home.