Discover Conundrum coffee, Centerra’s New Hidden Gem

Published: March 2, 2020

There’s something about a freshly brewed cup of coffee that is simply irresistible. Perhaps it’s the fragrant, deep, earthy aroma that draws the drinker in, or the creative design layered into the milky white froth of a latte. For some, it’s just the amazing taste of freshly roasted coffee beans, ground to perfection and steeped for just the right amount of time to create that classic cup of coffee. 

Whatever it is, Centerra has a variety of coffee shops but Conundrum Coffee, located at 3706 Aldrin Dr. in Loveland, is the latest hot spot and has it in spades. After all, the whole reason Conundrum Coffee exists is because of one thing: a passion for craft-roasted coffee. The family-owned roastery began in Fort Collins in 2012 before opening its new tasting room in Loveland.  

Conundrum Coffee’s roots are actually found in specialty coffee research, as the development arm of Toddy, LLC. Toddy started in 1964 with the Toddy Cold Brew System. Since then, Toddy has been leading the way in the cold brew coffee segment in the U.S. and internationally. Today, the Loveland-based company supplies home users and cafes around the world with brewing solutions for coldbrewed coffee and tea.  

Toddy President Julia Leach said she’s thrilled to share high-quality coffee with others who want more than just caffeine from a cup of coffee. “Conundrum was founded to make specialty coffee more inclusive, and the tasting room is the perfect venue for sharing our love for and appreciation of quality coffee,” Leach said. “It’s also a chance to better connect our global company with the Northern Colorado community.” 

The Conundrum Coffee Tasting Room by Toddy opened its doors to the public in late 2019, introducing a specialty coffee experience to the bustling Centerra area. 

Nestled in an office and industrial area within Centerra, the tasting room’s facade may be deceiving at first, as it’s not where one might think to go for an exceptional cup of coffee. However, it is truly a hidden gem. Conundrum Coffee emphasizes the relationship between the seed and the cup. For those unaware, coffee beans are actually seeds. Such nuances are something that is lost in today’s fast-paced world of drive-thru coffee shops and caffeine bombs that incorporate energy drink shots. 

Conundrum Coffee is about respecting the time-honored art of making a perfectly balanced mug of coffee. This includes the time that it takes to get coffee from places such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Mexico. With a variety of beans from around the globe that all bring their own unique flavor to the cup, Conundrum Coffee enjoys unlocking that goodness from each bean. 

Once the flavor is unleashed, Conundrum Coffee can be brewed and enjoyed in a variety of ways. From the classic espresso to its signature Toddy Cold Brew System, brewing for this team is something of a science.  

Take the Hario V60 brewing method, which may sound more like a car model than a coffee. The pourover, which originated in Germany in 1908 by Melitta Bentz, achieves a fullbodied taste and includes seven steps to make. This precision process is a far cry from the flipaswitch coffee maker method or popapod and go 

While the entire process, from bean to cup, is quite involved, Conundrum would have it no other way. The taste it produces is well worth the time and energy that goes into each mug. That is part of the appeal of the new tasting room, visitors can observe the roastery in action and even sample single-origin and blended coffees in the new, bright contemporary space. 

Unlike massmarket coffee shops, the tasting room intentionally prioritizes the quality of coffee over quantity of menu offerings. Coffee enthusiasts will find craft-roasted artisan coffees from around the world, but they won’t find their favorite dessert drinks or a stable of flavored creamers.  

What you will find in the Conundrum Tasting Room is a stellar menu that includes espresso and other heat-brewed coffee beverages, as well as a tap wall serving premium cold brew options such as nitro coffee and artisanal teas. Guests can also come in to hone their tasting skills with a cold brew flight or grab Conundrum-branded cold brew crowlers (think “canned ondemand” coffee) to go! 

Visitors can even buy whole bean gift packs or specialty blends such as “Don’t Panic! Blend, “Dark Natty” or “Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” to take home and brew for themselves. Perhaps for the Conundrum Coffee newbie, or someone looking for the ideal gift, the best option is the Conundrum Sample Gift Pack. The package, which sells for $21, includes a selection of four different whole-bean coffees, four-ounces each, in an artisan gift bag.  

For the real hardcore coffee drinker who can’t be without Conundrum Coffee in their cup, there is the Conundrum Coffee Club. This sweet club provides members with a steady stream of coffee beans whenever they want them. Just sign up and let Conundrum know how frequently you need your coffee shipped and they will take care of the rest 

The art of bringing quality coffee to the community is something that Leach and her team are excited to continue. Get your Conundrum Coffee fix at 3706 Aldrin Drive, northwest of the Interstate 25 and Highway 34 interchange. The Conundrum Coffee Tasting Room by Toddy is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information check out