Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day in the Sweetheart City

Published: February 1, 2021

If the air seems a little sweeter these days it’s not the elevation getting to you, it’s almost Valentine’s Day in the Sweetheart City!

There is no better place in the world to be for Valentine’s Day than in Loveland, which is affectionately named the Sweetheart City. Loveland exudes sweetness every day of the year, however on Valentine’s Day, the love shines a bit brighter.

Here at Centerra, we are making sure to do our part to live up to the reputation as the “love capital” of the world. Here, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day to exchange cards and chocolates, it is a feeling that can be seen in the streets where romantic heart-shaped love notes dot the light poles across town and red, pink and white outdoor lights glow against African sculptures in Chapungu Sculpture Park. In the land of love, even the beer tastes sweeter on Valentine’s Day and yes, there are cards, but cards from Loveland are done a little differently than the rest of the world.

Now, we know kissing is a little harder with masks on and cuddling is not an option when social-distancing, but we are reimagining the holiday for 2021 to ensure that it is as special as ever for those looking to experience the Sweetheart City during the most romantic time of the year.


Happy Valentine’s Day From the Land of Love

Perhaps what Loveland is best known for is its Valentine’s Re-Mailing Program. For 75 years, people have been getting cards on Valentine’s Day re-mailed from Loveland. Each year more than 120,000 Valentine cards are mailed all over the world.

You can have a personalized Valentine’s Day card sent from Loveland to your sweetheart anywhere in the country. The official 2021 Valentine can be purchased at the Loveland Visitors Center or various locations throughout the city for $3.50. A small price to pay for love.

For those living outside of the region, visit the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s website to buy one online for $7. Normally, more than 500 senior volunteers from the community oversee the stamping program but with COVID considerations this year, the Chamber is partnering with local partners like McWHINNEY and Centerra to help support and sponsor the Valentine’s Day stamping activities, so the tradition lives on.


Valentine’s Lights at Chapungu

While you may think that lights are just for Christmas, here in Loveland, lights are also for Valentine’s Day. Make sureto take a moment to check out the Valentine-themed lights at Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra on Sky Pond Drive in Loveland.

Starting on Feb. 1, Chapungu will transition its Winter Wonderlights holiday theme to a sweet red and pink hue. The romantic lights will be pared with sweetheart-themed décor to illuminate the festive park from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. every night beginning Feb. 1 through Feb. 14 for the Valentine season. Just like the Winter Wonderlights display, the colorful lighting decorations are free and open to the public. There will even be music playing as a romantic backdrop to the lights, so make sure to grab your significant other and come check it out.


Love Locks

Love Locks

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from expressing your love with a special Love Lock.

Loveland is known internationally for its famous art installations and sculptures and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, two specific sculptures take center stage – the LOVE sculpture and the HEART sculpture, located at the Loveland Visitors Center, 5400 Stone Creek Circle.

At the Visitors Center, lovebirds can purchase official Loveland Love Locks and get them engraved. Or, in today’s digital world, you can also buy a Love Lock online if you prefer and arrange for pick-up or delivery. Locks are $20 and $25 with the engraving. You can even have the Love Lock hung for you if you prefer, just specify which sculpture you would like it locked to.

For those who do it in person, you can hang it on either sculpture for all the world to see. In fact, make sure the world sees it by snapping a photo of the Love Lock and post it on your favorite social media site using the hashtags #visitloveland and #lovelandlovelocks.

These Love Locks have been known to sell out quickly so if you missed the chance to purchase one, you could win one by participating in our social media contest on the Centerra Facebook page!


Group Wedding at Chapungu

What could be more romantic than saying “I do” on Valentine’s Day? Saying “I do” in the Sweetheart City on Valentine’s Day of course! Now more than ever, celebrating love and connection is needed and Loveland can help make those dreamy wedding day plans a reality.

To honor love, there is a special Loveland Valentine’s Day Group Annual Wedding on Feb. 14 where couples can get married or renew their vows with a special custom ceremony and romantic touches, making for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Two ceremonies will take place at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra. The custom ceremony includes music, keepsake photos, a Love Lock to use on the signature LOVE or HEART sculptures, gift bags, signature wedding cupcakes and even a chance to win a huge gift basket.

There really is no better way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day. And in light of the pandemic, there will be very careful accommodations and adjustments made to ensure all participants’ safety.

Tickets are on sale now for just $95 per couple.


Libations & Games

If nothing on the list appeals to you yet, here’s something no one can refuse – a socially-distanced scavenger hunt followed by a celebratory Valentine’s wine, beer or coffee.

Join the fun by helping find Dan Cupid, the official mascot of the Valentine Re-Mailing Program who has gone missing! First, download the free “Quest to Find Dan Cupid” app from EVENTZEE and then follow the prompts of challenges, questions and puzzles to solve the mystery.

Once you have traveled around Loveland discovering history, solving mysteries and finding Dan Cupid, take your “I Found Dan Cupid” badge to the Loveland Visitors Center to claim your prize.

To cap off V-Day, let the libations begin! First, pick your potion. If wine is your love potion of choice, then pour yourself a tall glass of Sweet Heart Winery’s special 2018 Malbec selected as the official Valentine’s Day 2021 bottle. It features a custom-designed romantic label by local artist Billie Colson.

If beer is your tipple, then look no further than the official 2021 Loveland Valentine’s Beer. The Loveland Chamber of Commerce partnered with local Grimm Brothers Brewhouse to create a special batch of beer each year. This year’s one-off elixir of love is a barrel-aged Baltic Porter brewed with vanilla and bourbon.

Perhaps you are more of a caffeine fiend, in that case, the official 2021 Loveland Valentine Coffee from Top of the Lake Coffee is for you. This small, local roasting operation partnered with The Loveland Chamber of Commerce to create the Sweetheart Blend, which is rich with gingersnap flavors. Make sure to get your bag at the Visitors Center.


Love All Year-Round

As excited as we are for Valentine’s Day, the great thing about Loveland is that the love flows year-round (and we can all use a little more love these days), so check out the special events happening this month and carry those good feelings into the months to come as we all enjoy living in such a great place!