Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Published: May 24, 2011

LOVELAND, CO. – MAY 24, 2011 – Northern Colorado’s premier health club–Miramont Lifestyle Fitness expanded in Loveland in May of 2010 when it opened its fourth location in the 11,000-square-foot facility at Centerra.

Miramont’s expansion into Centerra quickly attracted local residents and the business community with its convenient location and special attention to programming that benefits the average worker’s schedule.

“This facility has been a great addition to the community,” said Cliff Buchholz, Miramont owner. “Centerra represents the well-balanced and healthy lifestyle so this has been a great partnership. In addition to the classes and fitness equipment, members and staff have the advantage to exercise outdoors while connecting with nature in the nearby open spaces which is a unique offering for us.”

“We are extremely proud of Miramont’s ability to immediately engage with the local community while energizing members with highest level of customer service and wide variety of program options both internal and external to the facility,” said Jay Hardy, Centerra general manager and McWHINNEY vice president.

In addition to celebrating a one-year anniversary this week, Miramont at Centerra is rapidly approaching 1,000 members. “We feel fortunate to have the best fitness provider in the region inspiring the Centerra community each day to lead a healthy lifestyle,” said Hardy.

As Miramont continues to raise the bar and drive value, they will launch a Centerra Trail Activation Program this summer consisting of three new outdoor workout options for Miramont members and non-members. Starting June 1, Miramont will offer a morning Yoga Fitness & Stress Management class at Old Canal Park, a TEAM Boot Camp indoor/outdoor class during the lunch hour, and a Runners Club for all levels that will stride along Centerra’s trail system which surrounds Equalizer Lake and Houts Reservoir in the early evening.

For more information or to inquire about membership or program activities, visit www.miramontlifestyle.com or call (970)744-5005.