Centerra & HPEC Water Conservation and Sustainability Initiative

Centerra and High Plains Environmental Center (HPEC) recognize water is one of our most precious resources. Preserving nature and restoring habitats has always been part of Centerra’s identity.  

Centerra, in collaboration HPEC and the Centerra Metropolitan District, has established the Water Conservation and Sustainability Initiative to encourage social responsibility in the region and provide a roadmap that can help inform like-minded developers seeking to establish or enhance sustainable operations.

Over the course of the next year, Centerra, HPEC and our community stakeholders are leading five cornerstone projects that directly promote water conservation and environmental leadership in the region. Each year, we set a program outlining our highest priority areas of focus, encouraging stakeholders to participate in projects that will enhance the community’s commitment to sustainability.

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Current Projects:

HPEC Nursery: The HPEC nursery serves as a source of plant production, a gathering place for residents, and a hands-on learning experience for people of all ages. This community resource allows students the opportunity to engage with professionals in horticulture, agriculture, biology and many more environment-focused professions.

Water-Wise Landscaping: Water use will be devoted to enhancing the site’s species, habitat and landscape diversity. The Centerra Design Guidelines and Design Review Committee will mandate all construction projects in the community utilize regionally appropriate landscapes including native plants adapted to Colorado’s climate and high altitude, requiring less water.

Roadway Test Plots: Test plots will be created along major arterial road curbs, studying over two years which types of grasses can withstand the treatments used during winter snow plowing as well as the rate of establishment from seeding and other planting methods.

Landscape Construction Specifications: Centerra will incorporate detailed installation requirements for all landscape projects. The specifications are based on more than 20 years’ experience managing the landscapes in the community and will include the involvement of HPEC during the construction process.

Our History
In 2001, McWhinney and McStain Neighborhoods partnered to form environmental nonprofit HPEC — located within Centerra — as a resource to protect the habitat and restore nature in the community. Through its partnership with HPEC, Centerra has been designated as the first wildlife habitat community in the state of Colorado by the National Wildlife Federation, promoting connectivity in landscapes to support wildlife in northern Colorado’s growing urban corridor, with HPEC managing 483 acres of open space and stormwater ponds within Centerra.