flower garden
flower garden

Design Guidelines

Bringing your vision to life

Centerra’s Design Guidelines have been established to assist prospective developers, builders and designers in developing neighborhoods, buildings, places, and landscapes that are consistent with the Community Vision and Values established by McWHINNEY. And the purpose of our Community Vision and Values is to create a healthy and vibrant community with a strong, consistent and exceptionally creative sense of place.

Our vision and values

  • Establish a strong relationship with the City of Loveland, its heritage, and the region. Make Loveland’s pioneer and agricultural heritage evident in the built environment: in the landscaped public spaces, open spaces, water, lakes, architecture, and the overall marketing identity of Centerra. Be part of Loveland, but with a regional benefit and influence.

  • Create an identity and a sense of place. Provide everything a regional community has; with a balance and mix of land uses. Create a unique and noticeable quality experience along I-25 and US 34, while unifying the east and west sides together. Be a gateway to Loveland, Northern Colorado and the Rockies.

  • Promote ecological stewardship and environmentally responsive building. Establish a strong and lasting relationship with Centerra’s environmental assets. Reinforce Centerra’s environmental mission throughout the property. Promote environmental stewardship through education, development requirements, and design guidelines.

  • Feature the Colorado experience and lifestyle. Be a small Colorado community with regional amenities. Celebrate the views to the mountain backdrop in the context of the lakes and prairie setting that define Centerra. Emphasize the active and healthy, yet relaxing lifestyle and culture that Colorado is known for.

  • Stimulate economic and social vitality. Establish Centerra as the destination of choice to live, work and play in the Northern Colorado Region. Look. Act like and be the Number 1 Community in Northern Colorado. Add value to Centerra and the Loveland Community through land use and development decisions.
The Lakes collage
flowers in community garden