Bike to Work Day

Bike-to-Work Day gives visibility to ways of getting to work besides the usual—driving your car. While it’s common for some to ride their bikes everywhere, others have not yet found an opportunity to try an alternate method of transportation to work. If you’ve been thinking about dusting off that bike in the garage, now is the time! And the best part is you can stop at a number of breakfast stations throughout town on your way to work for a quick, portable breakfast, hydration, and to sign in that you officially participated in the Loveland’s 2019 Bike to Work Day.

At the Centerra breakfast station, enjoy Chick-fil-A breakfast biscuits, fruit and yogurt, coffee and water, and don’t forget to snag your “I Biked to Work” sticker before heading out! We’ll be onsite at the corner of Hahns Peak Drive and Rocky Mountain Avenue from 6:30-8:30am. See you there!