A young woman studying at one of Kinston's many educational facilities A young woman studying at one of Kinston's many educational facilities


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Learning and loving it

Kinston kids have the opportunity to enroll in the Thompson School District, known for its collaborative culture and educating “the whole child” for life beyond the school walls. Its teachers, staff, parents, business and non-profit partners all working together to empower students, putting them on the path towards college and career readiness.

Riverview PK-8 School

Collaboration, innovation and flexibility

Introducing Thompson School District’s newest school, Riverview PK-8. Inspired by the principles and programming of STEM, International Baccalaureate, and schools for The Arts, Riverview is designed to promote collaboration, innovation and flexibility. In an environment where kids are excited to come to school, have fun, and feel a sense of belonging.

Photo of Riverview PK-8 school, opening this fall as a part of the Thompson School District

Mountain View High School

Curriculum meets creativity

Just a short drive or bike ride from Kinston, Mountain View High School offers a full curriculum of academics including Advanced Placement programs, plus a full calendar of extra-curriculars, from clubs and international field trips to all the major varsity sports. And as a designated Loveland Integrated School of the Arts, students can explore their creative side in visual and performing arts.

Exterior of Mountain View High School located near Kinston in Loveland, Colorado

Resurrection Christian School

Mind, body and spirit

For parents who prefer an education for their kids that includes the heart, mind, soul, body and spirit, P-12 Resurrection Christian School provides a more faith-based approach. With a student to teacher ratio of 10 to 1 and high academic standards, it’s no wonder students have a 100% college acceptance rate.

Exterior of Resurrection Christian located in Loveland, Colorado

High plains school

Full STEAM ahead

The nearby PK-8 High Plains School provides a well-rounded STEAM curriculum, turning students into well-rounded people. Science, technology, engineering and math are complemented with an education in art so that kids are developing analytically as well as socially and creatively. Students using both sides of their brains and learning to work together to solve problems is a reason to feel optimistic about the future.

Exterior of the High Plains School, located within Centerra as a top STEAM learning facility for future Kinston residents

New Vision Charter School

Founded by local parents

Not all kids learn the same way so not all schools should educate in the same way. Top-rated K-8 New Vision Charter School was started by a group of Loveland/Berthoud-area parents in 2004, with the idea that students learn best in an environment where they feel safe and where their differences are respected. The focus on individualized learning, academic achievement and personal growth is producing the next generation of lifelong learners.

A little girl reading a book in a library.

Loveland Classical Charter School

Students learning from experts

The focus is on great works, great teaching and great character in this unique, tuition-free K-12 charter. Where students learn from teachers who are experts in their chosen discipline. Even elementary students learn history from historians, science from scientists and math from mathematicians. It’s a concept that has proven to keep kids engaged and academic standards high.

A classroom full of students performing an exciting science experiment for the first time


Thinking outside the classroom

In partnership with Centerra and Kinston, High Plains Environmental Center is making our community more beautiful and sustainable – restoring nature where we live, work and play. In partnership with High Plains School, they are inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards – with programs in eco-literacy and hands-on learning opportunities in nature journaling, native plant and animal identification, and an Ecology Club.

Image of the High Plains Environmental Learning Center which offers eco-centric education for the surrounding Kinston and Centerra communities

Future On-Site School

Friendly neighborhood
school coming

One of the most important resources a community can have is access to a good education. We’re envisioning a way for kids who live in Kinston to walk to school in Kinston, learn in Kinston, and thrive right here in Kinston. So there are plans to provide the Thompson School District with a site for a brand-new school, complete with acres of sports fields. In a place that inspires a natural sense of curiosity. 

Higher education

Learning is life

Lifelong learning is the inevitable byproduct of a home surrounded by nature, art and culture. Yet, at Kinston, there are ways to take learning even higher. Colorado State University’s main campus is just up the road in Fort Collins. University of Northern Colorado’s campus is just down the road in Greeley, with a satellite location right here in Centerra.

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