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Real love for our real estate pros

We love what you do. And we love partnering with our Northern Colorado real estate professionals to help people find their homes here at Kinston. We think our vision for a place that is the best parts of future-forward and back-to-basics, will resonate with a lot of your clients. If you’re not already receiving our emails, join Kinston’s interest list to get the latest on new home offerings and major development milestones, as well as exclusive event invitations.

Stop by the Hub

The moment you step into Kinston’s warm, welcoming, artful and award-winning gathering spot, you know this isn’t the typical new neighborhood. Kinston Hub, with its incredibly delectable Hub Café, is the place to hang with friends and meet for breakfast, lunch, happy hour or any of a long, fun list of celebrations large and small. It’s also Kinston’s welcome center and the perfect spot to regroup with clients, pick up a map and a brochure and talk to Joy, our Community Engagement Manager.

View of the Kinston Hub entrance.

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Email is just one way to keep up with Kinston, staying apprised of the latest events, milestones and home offerings. You can follow us on all your favorite social platforms, too. In fact, we’d really “like” it if you did.

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Kinston hub visitors enjoying conversation and coffee.