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Let’s use age-old ideas to make something new

With apologies to the suburbs of the world, Kinston is planning something a little different. A new home community based on some simple yet enduring ideas about place. Like walking beats driving. A town needs a center. Neighborhoods need parks. Front porches are for conversation. Art is for everyone and nature is an important part of life. This is Kinston, let’s get back to the things that matter.

Goodbye homogeny

Somewhere along the way architecture became a luxury. Design and craftsmanship part of a bygone era. At Kinston, beauty is back. Regionally traditional single-family and paired homes are given a bold modern makeover. Modern farmhouse, modern Craftsman, modern prairie, village modern and mid-century modern are being reinvented for the 21st century and a huge variety of homes in all shapes and sizes will be mixed into every neighborhood, creating streetscapes with lots of charm and oodles of character. Also beautiful, homes at Kinston are available with a colorful, low-maintenance, pollinator-friendly yard, composed of water-wise native plants and grasses that are grown onsite.

Models open daily. Now selling from the $400s

Community touchstone

Kinston’s sense of community began with the opening of Kinston Hub, welcoming all who had an interest in what was coming. Now, it serves as an important touchstone for residents—a place to meet for conversation, clubs, co-working and of course, community events large and small. And with the opening of the Hub Café by Fresh Plate, this place has gotten downright delicious. Stop by The Hub and say hi. We’d love to meet you!

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Fun central

Kinston Hub is the first of many amenities coming to Kinston Commons, a central amenity campus filled with ways to enjoy life in Northern Colorado. Soon, an iconic Community Center will welcome residents to a shimmering pool and an event lawn will host festivities large and small. All with dramatic Longs Peak views as the backdrop.

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Much is here

Life at Kinston means walking to The Promenade Shops at Centerra for dinner, drinks and cultural events. Nature-filled bike rides to Houts Reservoir and Equalizer Lake. And summer concerts at Chapungu Sculpture Park. Here, beautiful sights and wonderful sounds abound.

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Much is to come

Soon, Kinston will be woven with a variety of creative parks, linked like an “emerald necklace” by over 14 miles of trail. Kinston’s trails then link to trails in Centerra and Loveland. New shops and eateries at Centerra will open up new possibilities just a short walk or bike ride away. It’s a more connected lifestyle that calls you to go outside, meet up with friends and let the day take you where it will.

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Arts & culture

Loveland and Centerra set the creative bar with world-class public art, festivals and concerts at Budweiser Event Center. Kinston will also celebrate the idea of artful living with a calendar of events. From quartets to cookouts, expect a daily dose of inspiration, courtesy of Kinston’s Community Life Team. And artist-painted Adirondack chairs will offer delight (and colorful places to sit) throughout Kinston and Centerra.

A musician takes the stage at the Budweiser Event Center to perform in front of a crowd of eager listeners
Three Adirondack chairs soaking in the summer sun
A little boy takes a moment to admire the blossoming flower bed along a walking trail

Certified wild

Miles of trails roll through Centerra and Loveland with miles more planned for Kinston. Signature parks bring nature into every neighborhood. In fact, no home at Kinston will be more than three to five minutes from a park, open space or greenway. Then there’s the one-of-a-kind High Plains Environmental Center nearby. Thanks to their ongoing efforts, which include native water-wise, pollinator-friendly landscaping for both public and private spaces, Centerra is Colorado’s only National-Wilderness-Foundation-Certified Community Wildlife Habitat. Which means simply, at Kinston, nature is part of life.

The “at Centerra” part

As a village within the greater Centerra community, Kinston benefits from all the wonderful things that are already here. Thanks to Kinston’s inspired vision and unique features, Centerra will benefit from a whole new side of wonderful.

Map is not to scale and is intended for informational and illustrative purposes only. Plans, uses, zoning, amenities, features, availability, acreage, sizes, dates, vehicle counts, listed owners/tenants, and other elements are subject to change by McWhinney Real Estate Services, Inc. or its affiliates without notice, and shall not be relied upon. November 2021