Hub Café
by Fresh Plate

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Tastiness and togetherness

Served Fresh Daily

Good food is more than nutritional. It’s kind of magical. It has the power to brighten our day and bring us together. Especially when it’s served up 100% Colorado fresh at a cozy little eatery right in the neighborhood. Welcome to the Hub Café by Fresh Plate. Your close-to-home spot for breakfast, lunch, happy hour or any time you want to sip, savor and socialize.

Catering to the pickiest palates

Tracie Reeves-Harman is the creative force behind the Hub Café and its sister operation, Fresh Plate Catering. She believes in farm-to-table-fresh ingredients, brought together in surprising, soul-satisfying ways. And because Tracie combines an Indiana upbringing with over 20 years in Colorado, she loves nothing better than an overflowing plate and a glorious mountain view. Both of which are on the menu at the Hub.

irresistible food ahead

If you’re currently not in a position to break away from what you’re doing and enjoy a bite of something delicious, we recommend that you not click below to view the Hub Café menu. It is filled with a host of house-made breads, a bevy of breakfast treats, a list of delectable lunch items and, well, you just should see for yourself. Or not.

See you at The Hub

Hub Café Serving Hours

Breakfast 7:00am-10:30am
Lunch & Dinner 11:00am-close
Shared Plates 3:00-close

Have a question about our menu, give us a call (970) 460-6091