Kinston Hub

We can honestly say something most who go to Las Vegas can’t, we came back as winners. 

At the 2022 Best in American Living awards, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (or NAHB), Kinston won the top prize in four categories. 

First, Kinston took Platinum for On the Boards Community, based on the planning and vision by our partners at DTJ Design. 

“This is a strong site plan, with a clear concept and design aesthetic. Well-placed green spaces create an immediate sense of community, and mobility around the community is intentional and scenic,” according to the judges. 

In other words, this is an award for what’s coming, which is a lot. But most of Kinston’s recognition came for what’s already here. Kinston Hub was awarded Community Facility (1001-3000 units), Best in the Mountain Region and finally, Community Facility of the Year … the big one.

In the judges’ words, “this is the perfect gathering spot for a community of this size, all the way down to the details. From smart outlets at the bar to raised garden beds outdoors to the incorporation of greenery and color, this facility provides a fun, welcoming spot that residents can utilize day in and day out.” 

We are, of course, over the moon in accepting these national awards from the NAHB. Proud. Honored. Humbled. Yet, what gets us even more excited is knowing that Kinston Hub, home of Mountain Cowboy Brewing Company, has residents and regulars who appreciate its warm, inviting atmosphere on a personal level. 

A couple of teachers from Riverview, our neighborhood school, meet here regularly and call this their “joyful place.” One family calls this their “happy place.” Recent guests expressed that being at the Hub causes them to pause and want to linger. Everyone who walks through the door finds wow and wonder in every detail. 

We at McWhinney would like to thank our partners, RHA, DTJ, CLI and Strada, for making these awards possible. And we’d like to thank our residents and regulars who make it all come to life.

Update: May 25, 2023

The hits just keep on coming. Kinston Hub has been honored yet again — At the 2023 PCBC Gold Nugget Awards Gala held in Anaheim, California, May 24. Kinston won Best on Boards Site Plan, thanks to the artful, walkable, park-oriented planning by our partners at DTJ Design. 

We were also given the Award of Merit in the category of Best Community Amenity for Kinston Hub. Which put The Hub in the running for the Grand Award. Although we didn’t take home the top prize we are honored to have been among great company.

PCBC is the west coast region’s largest homebuilding trade show and a panel of experts chose Kinston from among nearly 650 entries, showcasing the most exciting trends in residential design, planning and building. We couldn’t be more humbled, thankful to our partners and … well, excited at the recognition.