A group of people talking at a business event.

If you’ve been to Kinston Hub, then you’ve probably been lucky enough to meet Joy Nyenhuis. If you haven’t met Joy then you haven’t experienced her warm and personal brand of welcome — overflowing with excitement at the simple enjoyment of meeting and introducing people. 

Joy’s title is Community Engagement Manager for CoHere, Kinston’s community management partner. Joy’s title could easily be Ambassador of Good Times. It’s Joy’s job — one she is absolutely perfectly suited for — to coordinate resident events that bring neighbors together. 

“People want to be part of a community and feel connected,” Joy says. “Our entire Community Life team is a catalyst for community, providing opportunities to meet.”

She is also there to engage guests in The Hub’s welcome center, letting them know about the community. Who better to introduce Kinston to the uninitiated than the person who knows residents (along with Mountain Cowboy Brewing Company regulars) by their first names?

What makes events planned by Joy and her team so fun? 

“It’s not just one event, it’s a cluster of activities for everyone.” Hearts Around the Hub, a Valentine’s Day and Sweetheart City celebration, for instance included valentine making, a scavenger hunt, a photo booth, a hearts conversation wall and a “love is in the air” outreach to the local senior living center. 

Then again, merging getting together with giving back is signature Joy. The Hub’s Giving Tree, during the holidays netted 68 brand new gifts for kids in need in partnership with Serve 6.8.

Another more low-key event that’s proven to be popular is the Wednesday Meet-Up, when people working from home converge on The Hub for coffee at 10:30 a.m. once a week. Joy also organizes outings to the hyperlocal Colorado Eagles hockey games and helps residents start their own clubs (Tennis anyone?).

As more people move to Kinston (and it’s proving to be a popular move for homebuyers in Northern Colorado), Joy and her team’s events are bound to experience a more-the-merrier boost of fun. “Kinston is a hidden gem.” Joy says. “It’s so exciting to see it come to life.”